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Application for Special Use District Zoning Map Amendment

  1. Clemmons Planning Department
    3715 Clemmons Road
    Clemmons, NC 27012
    Phone: 336-766-7511
  2. Please make an appointment for submittal of application.
  3. 1. Owner Information
  4. Hereby petition for a Special Use District for Clemmons.
  5. 2. Reclassification
  6. Please attach on a separate sheet any additional information about the intended use, or any special conditions to which the petitioner wishes to be bound.
  7. We acknowledge the provisions in the Zoning ordinances for general use and special use district zoning and hereby proceed with a special use district zoning petition.

    Note: The owner(s) of properties included in the petition who have not signed the petition must be notified. Notification must be pursuant to Section 6-2.1(F) of the Unified Development Ordinances. Notice forms may be obtained in the office of the City-County Planning Board.
  8. 8. If the application is executed by a property owner, but an attorney/agent will handle public speaking, etc., please indicate:
  9. 9. A Sign Posting Notice will be issued by the Planning Staff when the rezoning application is filed. Rezoning signs are made and posted by Village Staff. The required legal advertising is also handled for you by the Planning staff. Petitioner is advised to contact any neighbors of the site.
  10. Additional Information to be Submitted with Petition
    • Property Description of land requested for rezoning, typed on a separate attached page. If property being rezoned consists of two or more lots each having a separate description, then those descriptions must be combined into one description of the perimeter of all the property. This is normally found in the property (s) Deed (s) as a metes and bounds description or is referred to in the Deed (s) as a Recorded Plat. If the Deed refers to a Recorded Plat, a copy of that Recorded Plat must be attached. [Copies of Deeds and Recorded Plats may be obtained from the Forsyth County Register of Deeds Office at 102 W Third Street (southeast corner of Liberty and Third Streets)].
    • Site Plan Map, 20 folded copies of the map are required. (See Site Plan Checklist).
    • A check (payable to the Village of Clemmons) or cash to cover the filing fee for rezoning.
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