Leaf Updates


11/27/23 - We have all trucks up and running, and they are planning to make another rotation thru the village this week.

11/13/23 - The majority of Clemmons was serviced last week. Areas started but not completed:

  • A few streets in Meadowbrook.
  • Lasater Downs Area
  • White Horse / Fair Oaks Drive area
  • Fair Oaks neighborhood

    We will finish these areas on Monday and start the routes over again.

11/6/23 - Another rotation was completed last week.  Volume is increasing so rotations are expected to slow.  Trucks will continue to run nonstop. 
10/30/23 - Last week leaf trucks were able to make another complete rotation - they have now started the third rotation
10/23/23 - Last week leaf trucks made a complete rotation through the village.  It is our goal to do the same this week. 

Leaf collection begins October 16th in the Village of Clemmons (weather permitting). We will post a brief update each Monday on this webpage.  

, the Village of Clemmons runs the leaf trucks continuously each week throughout the municipality.  Leaf collection will continue until the volume dissipates. Further communication on an end date will be distributed.

*** Unfortunately, the rain not only affects the efficiency of the vacuum trucks and their ability to collect the leaves, but the disposal site has to be dry enough to prevent the leaf trucks from getting stuck in muddy conditions.***


It is not possible to specify an exact day of the week for pickup due to volume and weather. Trucks will be running continuously.

Requirements and Placement
  • Leaves should be placed in a windrow no wider than 5 feet in an accessible area at the edge of the yard
  • Keep piles free of sticks and garden debris, such as tomato vines or cornstalks.
  • Do not bag leaves.
  • Do not block piles with vehicles.