Highway 158 Sidewalk

TIP Project U-4741 proposes an expansion of the sidewalk system in the Village of Clemmons and the multi-use path and greenway system in Tanglewood Park, Forsyth County, NC for improved connectivity and accessibility to existing pedestrian facilities and areas of interest. The project is approximately 1.688 miles in length containing proposed concrete sidewalk (5' wide, 4" thick) segments along eastbound US 158 (Clemmons Road), proposed multi-use path northeast of the Tanglewood Park Road and Northtrail Road intersection, as well as a proposed Yadkin River greenway segment in Tanglewood Park running south from US 158 (Clemmons Road) along the east side of the Yadkin River to the amphitheater. The work will include construction of concrete sidewalk, curb and gutter, ADA compliant ramps, 10' wide asphalt multi-use path, 10' wide asphalt greenway, pedestrian bridge, drainage system piping and ditches, associated grading, erosion and sediment control, and minor clearing.

The proposed sidewalk segment along US 158 (Clemmons Road) extends eastward from Harper Road/Carver Lane Road to Clemmons Village Hall and will provide direction connection to businesses and residential areas within the Village of Clemmons. The proposed greenway segment in Tanglewood Park along the east side of Yadkin River from the amphitheater northward approaching US 158 (Clemmons Road) and the proposed multi-use path will provide pedestrian connectivity from the public sidewalk system to amenities within Tanglewood Park. 

The purpose of the project is to expand the VIllage of Clemmons sidewalk and greenway system to improve pedestrian connectivity. The project will enhance pedestrian safety by provided dedicated pedestrian facilities, thus eliminating the need for pedestrians to walk in and along the vehicular travel lanes. The proposed sidewalk and greenway expansion and the direct connection to existing pedestrian facilities will significantly improve pedestrian connectivity between residential areas, commercial districts, (businesses, restaurants), town amenities, Tanglewood Park, Yadkin River and other areas of interest. The project will also promote community health by providing greater accessibility to the expanded sidewalk and greenway system.


  • Project initiation began in the early 2010s as a part of a State Transportation Improvement Program/STIP funded project. 
  • The Highway 158 Sidewalk project completed its planning phase in 2018.
  • The Highway 158 Sidewalk project is currently in the project execution phase.