Ad-Hoc Transportation Committee


  • David Byington
  • Jay Clapp
  • Kyle Laird
  • William Lawler
  • Corrie Massey
  • Charles Sherrill
  • Michael Tingle
  • Dana Wilmoth


The Ad-hoc Transportation Committee was created by resolution on May 14, 2018. The Transportation Committee shall consist of no less than five members, and not more than ten members, each of whom shall have been appointed by the Village Council. From its membership at its organizational meeting, the Committee shall elect a chairman and vice-chairman who shall thereafter preside over the conduct of the Committee’s meetings. The names of the chairman and vice-chairman shall be submitted to the Village Council for approval of their appointment. The Transportation Committee shall exist and continue through June 30, 2020, unless such duration shall be extended by subsequent resolution adopted by the Village Council.

The Transportation Committee shall meet on a regular, promulgated schedule, but no less often than monthly. All meetings of the Committee shall be conducted in compliance with NCGS 143-27.9 et. seq, the North Carolina Open Meetings Act. The Committee shall keep minutes of its meetings and activities in accordance with NCGS 132-1 et. seq, the North Carolina Public Records Act. On a quarterly basis, the Committee shall provide the Village Council a report of its actions and activities. Subject to the pre-audit and contracting requirements of State law, the Committee may expend such funds as are budgeted for its use by the Village Council in furtherance of its objectives. The Committee is specifically authorized to use funds allocated to its use for the education of its members on traffic issues and their inter-relation with planning and development matters, and to employ outside consultants for professional advice and recommendations. 

The Transportation Committee shall initially develop its own work plan, which shall be designed to attain the objectives hereinafter set forth. In carrying out its tasks, the Transportation Committee is encouraged to seek public input and may conduct public informational sessions and hearings as it shall deem necessary. The Transportation Committee shall prepare and present the Council a final report of its studies and a revised Clemmons Transportation Plan for Council’s consideration.


The Council shall endeavor to appoint to the Committee a diverse group of citizens of Clemmons with interest, knowledge or experience which might qualify them for the study of transportation issues and concerns.

Objectives & Scope of Authorized Study

  • The primary objective of the Transportation Committee is to update and revise, as needed, the adopted Clemmons Transportation Plan.
  • In connection with such update and revision, the Transportation Committee shall consider user safety, impact to property owners and businesses, traffic flow and capacity, connectivity and ease of access, cost and feasibility.
  • The Transportation Committee shall consider and recommend multi-modal means of transportation as well as desired modifications to the Village’s existing transportation network, including streets, sidewalks, and greenways.
  • The secondary objective of the Transportation Committee is to conduct limited study of specific traffic concerns brought to its attention by Council, the Village Planner, or the Village Public Works Director.
  • The Transportation Committee shall operate at the direction of the Council and shall not undertake additional studies or tasks without prior approval of the Council.