Street Modification Guide for Village Streets

The “Street Modification Guide for Village Streets” provides guidance and procedures for a resident to pursue modifications in their neighborhoods on existing streets maintained by the Village of Clemmons.

The purpose of street modification is to possibly lower vehicle speeds, improve site distance, or enhance pedestrian safety on neighborhood streets. Modification measures may also alleviate other issues such as cut-through traffic or through-truck traffic, where motorists or truckers use neighborhood streets to avoid and bypass other nearby roads.

The Street Modification Guide for Village Streets reflects a restructured process where local residents of the community, the Home Owners Association (HOA), or the Civic Association (CA) initiate a request for street modifications and a study. Village staff and the Transportation Committee will work with the local community to address specific issues related to a Village Street working through the Town Council as appropriate. The Transportation Committee’s involvement focuses on confirming the appropriateness of the community efforts at critical points in the process and coordinating the implementation of the approved plan.

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