Michelle Barson

Michelle Naomi Barson, Councilwoman

Phone: 614-404-2111
Term: 4 Years
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Councilwoman Michelle Barson and her husband, David, have lived many places together but chose North Carolina to be their home and raise their family. After considerable research, Clemmons was the obvious choice because of the wonderful people and supportive community. Michelle and David have twin toddler boys, Beckett and Fielding, who attend Clemmons Moravian Preschool.

Helping Small Business 

Councilwoman Barson has spent her career helping businesses of all sizes, but is most passionate about the small business owner and entrepreneur. Through her work with a large, regional chamber, and later a state chamber of commerce, she found ways to help each business navigate the everyday struggle of their specific business or industry.

Councilwoman Barson understands that small businesses are highly sensitive to even subtle changes in economic climate, traffic patterns and regulations. She values that small businesses provide employment opportunities, a corporate tax base for a community and are often the reason people choose to reside in a specific location. She has witnessed the negative impact to a community when legislative changes are made, at any level, and the businesses are not included in the conversation. Councilwoman Barson wants to help build a community that listens to, and cares about, all stakeholders within it to create the absolute best community for everyone.

Personal Life

When she is not serving as councilwoman, mother, or wife, Michelle can be found at the Jerry Long Family YMCA teaching a fitness class or taking one. She volunteers her time to local organizations and churches and believes that to be the best you can be you must also give.


Councilwoman Barson received her bachelors of science from Ohio University in 2005 and her masters of science from West Virginia University in 2014.