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Mayor Nick Nelson

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 Mike Rogers

   Mary L. Cameron

Norman Denny

Bill Lawry

Darrell Roark



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2014-2015 Village Council

Top row:  Council Members Lawry, Cameron and Denny
Bottom row:  Council Member Rogers, Mayor Nelson and Council Member Roark

The Village of Clemmons operates under the Council/Manager form of government.  Policy and legislative authority rest with an elected Council which is composed of a Mayor and five Council members.  The Mayor and one Council member are elected for a two-year term with the remainder of the Council elected to four-year terms.

The Village Council, among other responsibilities, passes ordinances, adopts an annual budget, appoints citizens to boards and committees, and hires a Village Manager. The Village Manager is responsible for implementation of the Council's policies and ordinances, supervision of the Village employees, and overall maintenance of the day-to-day operations of the Village.
Council Elections

The Village Council consists of the mayor and five council members.  Terms for mayor and three council members are open for election in November 2015.