Village Plan: Comprehensive Plan

The Clemmons Community Compass was adopted in 2010 by the Village Council after an 18 month public input process led by a citizen advisory group. The plan serves as a guide for land use decisions and future planning needs of the Village. Each year the Village Council sets a list of priority objectives for the Planning Board's work plan.

Village Plan: Transportation Plan

The Village Transportation Plan was adopted by the Village Council in 2009. The plan serves as a guide for transportation decisions for improvements in the Village's transportation system as development occurs; is used for input to the Metropolitan Planning Organization; provides multi-modal recommendations; as well as educational and encouragement objectives. The plan is also used to help with federal grants for greenways and sidewalks.

Village Plan: Village Point Small Area Plan

In 2003, the Village Council approved a small area plan for 340 acres bound by Peacehaven Road to the north, I-40 to the South, Lewisville-Clemmons Road to the east and Harper Road to the west. The plan serves as a guide for this geographic area. Since adoption a variety of developments have been approved, most recently a 124-acre site that includes Novant Hospital and a new elementary school.

Multi-Jurisdictional Plans

Multi-jurisdictional plans are developed in collaboration with two or more local governmental units on a long range planning issue. The plan is typically adopted separately by each unit of government. Planning together can save communities money, resolve conflicts, protect natural and agricultural resources, improve the cost and quality of services, attract economic and grant opportunities, address regional problems, identify and act on mutual opportunities, and in general improve intergovernmental relationships, communication and coordination.
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