Welcome to the Village of Clemmons.

If you live here you already know Clemmons is a great place to live.  If you donít live here, you should.  And if youíve never visited us, what are you waiting for?  Come see why Clemmons is
the place we like calling home.

Clemmons was founded in 1802 and incorporated in 1986.  The Hattie Butner stagecoach,
which helped put Clemmons on the map, is on display at Village Hall located at 3715 Clemmons Road.

Our staff is made up of 20 dedicated, hardworking employees.  Itís a small staff that provides quality service including our own Planning Department and Stormwater Management.

Our Village enjoys a low tax rate which provides curbside solid waste and recycling collection;
an annual bulk item pick up; additional Forsyth County public safety officers; street maintenance, street lights at all intersections; and a grass, leaf and limb collection program which in turn
provides mulch for the village landscaping projects and when available for our residents.

We are proud to offer a diverse faith community; schools offering grade A academics; enriching arts and champion sports.  To the east is the city of Winston-Salem.  Tanglewood Park is to the west providing an array of activities.  Their holiday Festival of Lights is a sight to behold.  We
have a thriving retail community and our choice of restaurants matches that of any large city.

In addition to our website, information is provided on Time Warner Cable Channel 6 along with easy listening music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Come see us!  We think you'll like calling Clemmons home also.

Did you know? 

Clemmons 101.  Now being offered.  Learn all about it!

Clemmons Library: Community Input Sessions.  Mark your calendar.

Village Point Lake Greenway.  Construction is under way to build the greenway around Village Point Lake.  For safety reasons, it is necessary to close Village Point Lake Court and the fishing pier to the public during its construction.  It will reopen as soon as the area is safe.  Weíre excited about the greenway and canít wait for its completion so it can be enjoyed by everyone. 

Qualifier for PGA Tour  Bermuda Run Country Club will host the Monday Qualifier for the 2014 PGA Tour Wyndham Championship.  Read the press release for more information.

Congratulations West Forsyth High School!  Recognized as one of the top 1,000 high schools in United States.

Senior Services, Inc.  Not Sure where to turn?  Let Senior Services' Help Line get you on the right path!  The Help Line can answer questions that seniors living at home have regarding their changing needs and can assist family caregivers with the challenges they may be facing.  You may call the help line at 724-2040 or e-mail them at helpline@seniorservicesinc.org.

The Help Line publishes the Directory of Services for Older Adults in Forsyth County, a comprehensive listing of services that can assist the elderly of Forsyth County.  Directories are updated annually and are available free of charge.  Just call 724-2040 to request a copy, or go to the Resources drop-down menu at their website, www.seniorservicesinc.org, and click on Help Line Directory of Services, which will take you to a page where you can download a copy.

Housing Repair Money Available The Forsyth County Department of Housing has money from a Community Development Grant that can be used to provide housing rehabilitation assistance to low income homeowners with substandard dwellings.  Assistance will be in the form of deferred forgiveness loans.  Depending on the amount of funds spent on a dwelling the loans will be forgiven over a 5, 10, or 15 year period.  Funds may be used to make repairs to deal with such problems as electrical, plumbing, roofing, exterior siding, windows, HVAC systems, structural problems, etc.

If you are interested in possible participation in this housing rehabilitation program please call Karen Thomas at the Forsyth County Department of Housing 703-2679.

Please Do Not Litter . . . Whether deliberate or unintentional, littering is against the law.  Littering is costly . . . to clean up, to economic development, to community appearance, and to you, if you get a ticket.  Stop littering.  Think before you throw that cigarette butt out the window or that candy wrapper on the ground.  If you miss the trash can, take the time and pick up your trash.  Keep our community clean and free of litter.  Thank you.


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